EVENT: Fing Data Day

Date : 9 juin 2021
Heure : 0 h 00 min - 0 h 00 min
Lieu: Online
MyDataFrance | Self Data territorial

Link to the FING DATA DAY

ID de réunion : 984 3359 6463
Code secret : 851141

MyData France Hub is thrilled to invite you to the Fing Data Day! 

Engaged for several years in exploring the use of data through major projects such as Infolab, Open Data Impact MesInfos and MyData, Fing organizes a Data Day which will take place on June 9th, 2021!

This event will focus on Self Data/MyData Cities topic, with a rich program alternating presentation sessions and exploration workshops. One of the main objectives of this event is to collectively identify/explore the conditions for co-building Self Data/MyData projects across multiple cities, and impulse their implementation at a European scale.

Opening/presentation session | 9:30 – 10:30 am

  • Self Data Cities project and environmental data coalition,
  • Self Data Cities with La Rochelle : TRACES use case,
  • Self Data Cities with Lyon : ECOLYO use case,
  • Self Data with Rennes – RUDI use case,
  • Helsinki and MyData Global : building capabilities towards a fair, sustainable and healthy digital society.

Workshop session | 10:45 – 12:30 am

SWOT Analysis: assess cities capabilities in implementing Self Data projects:

  • SWOT workshop specific to La Rochelle city (in French)
  • SWOT workshop specific to Lyon Metropolitan (in French)
  • Multi-territorial SWOT workshop (in French)
  • International SWOT workshop (in English)

Presentations: environmental data & public interest data | 1:30 – 2:15 pm

Numériques Tous Risques (public/general interest data): How to best identify and share data to collectively manage risks and crises? Presentation of the results of the Data Crise workshop held on March 31, and discussions on the innovation track on crisis data, resulting from the work of Numérique tous risques.
#RESET (environmental data): first learnings about the transformative potential of environmental data in favor of the ecological transition. As well as the good practices and means necessary to take action.

Workshop session | 2:15 – 4:00 pm

Co-building scenarios: explore the opportunities and conditions for resources and efforts mutualization to help cities co-building Self Data projects: 

  • Co-building workshop (in French)
  • Co-building workshop (in English)

Closing session : presentation by Jacques Priol | 4:15 – 4:45 pm

Author of « Ne laissez pas Google gérer nos villes » (Don’t let Google manage our cities), Jacques Priol will share with us the lessons learned from the « Google City » project in Toronto.

*The learnings from the different workshops will feed the Self Data/MyData European roadmap.