Call for candidates : Fing needs a new Delegate-General

Since 2000, Fing (the Next Generation Internet Foundation) has been generating, detecting and sharing new and actionable ideas to anticipate digital transformations. We are a think and do tank devoted to collective reflection, foresight and experimentation. As part of our evolution, we are seeking a new Delegate-General who can move us in new directions.

Your mission : guide our ambitions Fing has been at the forefront of innovation for 15 years. By researching, observing and experimenting with competitive developments across the innovation landscape – like those brought about through novel uses of the Internet – we anticipate future changes. To move Fing to the next level, the new Delegate-General will be expected to both anchor Fing in this context, and redirect or reaffirm its ongoing efforts.

The Delegate-General will :


Beyond defining and directing Fing’s mission, the Delegate-General has two main responsibilities :

This position is full-time, based in Paris. The level of annual compensation is €60-65K gross, and shall not exceed 3 times the lowest salary earned by a team member.


The position is open to candidates from the research and not-for-profit sectors, the business world, the government, large corporations…

The candidate must :

How to apply

Candidates are invited to send a CV and a project brief which addresses the following questions : Why is Fing important ? What kind of Fing do I want ? Where would I take it and how would we get there together ? How will my profile change the evolution of Fing ? The project brief should propose an evolution in Fing’s direction that respects our values and goals while leveraging the impact of our work.

An example of your writing – be it publication excerpt, article or op-ed piece – would be appreciated.

The application deadline is 30 September 2016.

Please send your application documents to :

The recruitment process will run until December 2016 : October : oral presentations by pre-selected candidates November : final oral presentations December : final candidate selection

The Fing team and members of the Board are committed to respecting the privacy of candidates and the integrity of the recruitment process. We are available to help candidates better understand what is at stake, and thus more clearly define their individual project proposals.

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