6 Minutes of Serendipity special edition for fOSSa 2013

10 projects containing innovative use case presented in 6 minutes each on the 20th of November 2013

Sports livescore platform for friends, family !
Yes We Score is a sports livescore application and soon an opensource livescore platform which allows you to quickly share sport scores with friends, family and players. We currently have developed a prototype for tennis available on Android, Apple and Windows Phone. Yes We Score allows anyone, anywhere in the world to follow your game as it happens !
contact : Vincent TERRASI, Vincent@yeswescore.com
site : http://www.yeswescore.com/about/

With KuneAgi, a human community defines, in an open, participatory and yet structured process, its action programme : the list, ranked in priority order, of the actions that it intends to perform and to which it should dedicate its finite resources. These actions are (e.g.) innovations or investments of a firm or policies of a public body. The software code is 100% generated automatically from a high-level model using MDE technologies.
contact : Laurent ZIBELL, laurent.zibell@kuneagi.org Erik EMOTTE, erikemotte@ecreall.com
site : http://www.kuneagi.org

The Hubiquitus Box (hBox) project aims to provide an open hardware and software platform for embedded applications highly aware of their environment.
Its high-level programming model allows abstracting the complexity of dealing with heterogeneous networking technologies to the developer. While mainly targeting the "smart" markets (Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart City), its modular and extensible design allows to employ it in practically any kind of use cases involving smart objects.
contact : Alexis LESAGE, a.lesage@intent-technologies.eu
site : http://hubiquitus.com

Optimize your mechatronic systems by the experience
Combining powerful command & control platforms with specially adapted optimization algorithms, you can significantly improve your mechatronic products performances. The “my-OCCS” environment is the first specially dedicated to experimental optimization and the first one to be open- source / open-hardware.
contact : Sébastien SALMON, s.salmon@my-occs.fr
site : http://www.my-occs.fr

OSVehicle is a project founded by Francisco Liu and Ampelio Macchi that aims to bring open source vehicles to production, working with designers, makers, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers all over the world. TABBY is the first product of the OSVehicle project : a universal chassis that can be assembled in less than 60 minutes, can accommodate 2 to 4 passengers, and is compatible with all types of engines, including electric and hybrid ones…
contact : Carlo De Micheli, cdm@osvehicle.com
site : http://www.osvehicle.com

Cozy Cloud, your personal cloud
Soon, personal cloud servers will be as widely used as smartphones are today. They will become our digital centre of gravity, federating all of our connected devices around our data.
With Cozy, servers will be the new mainstream device.
contact : Benjamin ANDRE, ben@cozycloud.cc
site : www.cozy.io

An oscilloscope as cheap as a book
Imagine an oscilloscope as affordable as an ordinary book ; what would it change in our usages ? The author is part of an international project, and has already used such an innovation since a few years. Designers of expEYES want to suppress every limiting factor to achieve a massive deployment : pricing, communication with other hardware, legal issues.
contact : Georges KHAZNADAR, georgesk@debian.org
site : http://expeyes.in

MicroHouse is designing a shelter that is easily deployed and cheap to produce. In 2010 alone 42 million people were displaced from their homes by natural disasters. Providing shelter for displaced people is a challenge. MicroHouse is taking on the problem of how to construct and deliver a shelter that provides a clean bedroom, bathroom, and lockable front door for less than $100 USD. MicroHouse is using the WikiSpeed organizational model to bring together volunteers and produce a solution.
contact : Patrick Roach, patrick@scruminc.com
site : http://wikispeed.org/microhouse/

W3D-project aims to develop new principles and tools to create three-dimensional Websites (structure and content) in order to enhance user experience on the Internet. This collaborative project between two SME and two academics tries to innovate upon three main axis : How to render better the third dimension in a Web page, without any specific hardware (eg. glasses, 3D screens…) ; How to give the user the sensation of 3D, shapes (Pseudo-haptics) ; How to provide the best tools to interact in depth or with three-dimensional objects.
contact : Régis LE GUENNEC, régis.leguennec@mba-multimedia.com
site : http://w3d.mba-multimedia.com

Crowdfunding for free software
Open Funding is a crowdfunding platform for free software. It aims at providing a sustainable business model to free software development and common good production. The idea is to enable free software users to contribute to projects by funding them feature by feature, creating a long term relationship between a project and its community. It also takes a professional approach to crowdfunding by enabling users to validate the development, thus committing developers to their results.
contact : Sylvain LEBON, sylvain.lebon@openinitiative.com
site : http://funding.openinitiative.com


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